The Handbasket has Arrived

Fire, Brimstone,Oblivion and a Whole Lot of Sin

The Handbasket Has Arrived
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I am the fallen angel Saul, late of the House of Notion under the province of my lord Avarus. It is my pleasure to invite you on a tour of Hell: an original character rpg. Not your classic fire and brimstone version of our favorite damned realm, but a unique fantasy world of vice, pleasure and ambition.

We meet ever Tuesday and Thursday 10pm-12am EST in a AOL/AIM chatroom. New members will be welcomed with open arms.

IM me at tarrotcat (lj: dragons_muse) or my co-conspirotor Kate at bwbaby007 (lj: katers007).

We will be happy to explain the basic layout of the game, answering questions and hopefully tempting you into joining our evil forces.

Burn with us.
Yours in damnation,
House of Notion
Conglomeration, Avarus